November 26, 2013

#NaBloPoMo: The Last Thing I Hid

I made Advent jars for my nieces and The Daughters. Basically, an Advent jar contains twenty-four pieces of candy. Each day, beginning December 1, the kiddo takes a piece of candy out and eats it--just one piece. When she takes the last piece of candy, the next day is Christmas.

Typically, kids ask 261,528 times a day if it's Christmas yet. With this jar, when they ask, you can give them a piece of candy. They'll only ask 261,527 times a day if it's Christmas yet. See how these Advent jars make your life simpler?

But, more about the Advent jars on Friday, after I reveal them on Fox 23's Great Day Green Country. (Tune in at 10:00 to see me live!)

And, the topic of this blog for #NaBloPoMo is "The Last Thing I Hid," not "Weird Ramblings About TV Segment Prep."

So, that last thing I hid? Easy. The leftovers from the Advent Jars. Now ... If I can just remember where I hid it throughout December so I don't break into the Advent Jars and have to celebrate Christmas on December 19 instead of the 25.


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