November 22, 2013

#NaBloPoMo: My first ever blog post ... or why I started blogging

Almost seven years ago, I started a blog. The truth is that I had started a couple of blogs before then, but couldn't remember what they were called or where they were located or what I said. And I didn't tell anyone about them. What if they read them, y'all??

Then, I got an email from my cousin Maggie. She had started a blog.

Me, The Daughters, My Own Momma and my cousin Maggie at
Listen To Your Mother--OKC, one of the many, many opportunities
the blogging has presented to me.
She has two kids, and our younger kidlets were born just a few months apart. She lived in a small-ish town in the northwestern part of our state. She was far, far from home. A blog was a great way for her to keep the rest of the world outside of northwestern Oklahoma in touch with her family and her life.

So, I started a blog, again. (It was a riviting first post, y'all.) Ya know. To keep the rest of the world outside of northeastern Oklahoma in touch with my family and my life. Also, I wanted to keep up with Maggie.

It turned out that I really liked blogging. I started telling people about my blog. I emailed everyone I know to tell them about my blog. I wanted everyone to read it, and, in case I forgot the address again, I'd have a hundred or so people with an email from me telling all about it.

I evolved and started blogging on a local newsite. I kept it fairly anonymous and called myself Minivan Momma. Then, one week after turning down a job to manage their website, the site was redesigned and Minivan Momma, which had quite a following, was homeless. And that's when I started this little gig. (Very evolved first post--go give it a read.)

And there ya have it. How I got my oversharing start.

P.S.:  About a year later, I got an email from an old high school friend. She informed me that another one of our classmates had started a blog, and she said I should check it out. It was a pretty fun read.


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