November 11, 2013

#NaBloPoMo: Stuck In A Movie

If you had to be trapped inside a movie for five days, which movie would you pick?

Anyone who knows me knows this question is a no-brainer. Some might guess I'd choose to be stuck inside the Twilight saga. While that wouldn't be bad, I'd only do it as Rosalie, and I'd only do it in the scene where she and Emmit tear down their honeymoon cottage. I know that scene's not actually in a movie, but I'd totally work extra to make that scene happen.

You might also guess that I'd choose to be in Dear John or Magic Mike or White House Down so that I could work along side of Channing Tatum, but you'd be wrong. I like to LOOK AT Channing. I don't know that I'd like to actually work beside him.

And still others might assume I would be in any of the blockbusters that Jon Bon Jovi has appeared in. And while I did give it some thought, I decided that nothing else--aside from my boyfriend, Jon--appealed to me about those movies.

If, however, you guessed that I'd star in a musical, you would get bonus points ... and front row seats at the premier. And you'd be in charge of smuggling in the M & Ms and popcorn.

Since fourth grade when I watched Grease and dreamed of being Rizzo (I was a brunette; not a blonde), I've loved musicals. I love the notion that at any given odd time we, collectively as a society, could break out in song. Could you imagine? You get stopped by a cop and immediately the music starts. You get out of your car and the two of you do an aggressive tango as you belt out lyrics like, "It wasn't me!" "I had a clock on you, lady!" and "Don't you have a drug dealer to bust instead of a momma in a minivan?"

I also think it'd be fun as we all stand in line at Hellmart to have a few ditties up our sleeve to lighten and shorten the wait. These could be hits such as "Where have all the checkers gone?" "I picked the items without price tags on purpose" and "I have one thing that I forgot (hold my space in line)." I believe that last song would be done as a gospel song and the do-wap choir could descend from the ceiling wearing teal robes. You see it, don't you?

So, if I had to spend five days trapped inside a movie, I'd totally stick myself in Grease. I know all the lyrics; I know all the lines; and, thanks to fourth grade recess, I have the dance moves as well.

And when I did my five days, I'd wrangle my way in to Mamma Mia. Move over, Meryl. There's a new Donna in town.

PS--Don't be hatin' on my mad photo shop skillz. I'm a singer, not a techy.


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