November 2, 2013

#sponsored: How To Keep The Romance Alive After Kids

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Having kids can be one of the most rewarding things in the world, but it also changes everything you've ever known. Your worries shift, your schedule turns upside and your marriage occasionally takes the back seat. The partner you once spent every minute with now catches glimpses of you running between feedings and the shower or becomes the human diaper disposal. Gone are the nights you stay up talking until 3 just because or the spontaneous weekend getaways, but despite the lifestyle shift, the two of you love each more than ever. Because of this, it's important to still keep the romance alive. Without endless amounts of time to show it, you gotta make the small moments count. Use some of these tips to get the romance back or to simply keep it going in your marriage.

Put Yourself First--
It almost seems counterproductive, but I'm starting with this one for a reason. Being a parent requires all of your time and can quickly run you ragged. This feeling of running on empty does not bode well for your attitude, happiness or sex drive. Remember to take a step back as often as you can to put yourself first. Take the 10 minute break you need, put on clothes that make you feel attractive or get a manicure. Do something that lets you relax for just a few minutes a day to help level set yourself and keep you in a good place. Otherwise, your frustration is likely to spill out onto your partner when you both least expect it and keep you turned off from each other.

But Don't Forget About Their Needs--
You spend so much time thinking about your kids' needs that it's easy to forget that your partner has them, too, whether it's sexual, emotional or mental. Remember to compliment your partner whenever they look nice or do something for you. Kiss them when they come home or leave and send them a sexy text here and there. The little things go along way in making both you feel the love.

Talk Every Day--
Make a pact that the two of you will actually sit down and talk every day for at least 15 minutes. Spend this time reconnecting and try your hardest to not talk about work or the kids. Communication can be the easiest way to deepen a relationship, so don't allow lack of time to take that way from the two of you.

Date Night--
Everyone says it, but it's because it's important. Make a plan to have date night at least once a month and stick to it. If night's don't work, meet for lunch. Figure out something and some time that two of you can get together and have it just be the two of you. Get dressed, feel sexy and forget how tired you are, because this time is just as important as sleeping and the time you spend with your children.

Keep Things Interesting--
Of course, if we're going to keep the romance alive, we have to mention sex. If you're lacking the time, plan on getting up 10 or so minutes earlier than you usually would or join your partner in the shower to knock out two things at once. When you do have the time (all of 20 minutes) to have fun, try to keep things interesting by dressing up sexy or using a toy or two from Adam & Eve. The little extra effort can keep things feeling new and fresh.

Brittany Krieger is a mother of two and relationship blogger just trying to make it through the day in Seattle, Washington.


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