November 15, 2013

#Sponsored: Minted ... just in time for the holidays!

I'm so far behind, y'all. Normally, by this time, I've had my Christmas card photo shoot and I'm painstakingly pouring over the many design options I have in mind for my Christmas cards. Typically, by this time, I'm finalizing my card list, and I'm making my address labels.

So far, this year, I've got nada.

I have told The Daughters that we're going Christmas Card Shooting on Sunday. So, at least it's on my calendar. But, I can't help but still feel behind. Thank goodness for Minted.

Minted holiday cards are second to none. For starters, every time I click onto Minted, I'm met with an online offer that's always fabulous and helpful in making my purchase. Secondly, there's nothing I've ever gotten from Minted that hasn't been fabulous. This summer, I made composition notebooks for The Daughters, for my best girl Mari and for our family--a place where we can write down our thoughts and our thankfuls.

So, today, I'm looking for your help. Minted has supplied me with my favorite designs and you, dear readers, will get to decide which one I go with. Leave a comment telling me which one you like best and why. (FYI--I may actually be using these family pics as well if The Daughter's don't cooperate on Sunday. Keep that in mind when picking.)

And, because Minted loves me and loves you, they are providing me with a gift certificate to give away during my Cyber Book Launch Party for Getting Lucky! You're coming, aren't you? You can only win if you're there!


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