November 21, 2013

#ThankfulThursdays: If it needs to be done

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Last week, we met another family from our church at our local homeless shelter to help serve the evening meal. The church provided the food. We just needed to serve it.

Daughter 2 had served this summer at the same shelter. She was nervous about going back because she hated to see the children there who had no place else to be. Daughter 1, who is always so cool and pretty much knows everything there is to know, snorted and asked her, "Would you rather them be at the shelter or sleeping in a car?" She had a point, but she also had an attitude that made me wonder if #ThankfulThursdays had been effective at all.

We arrived, and we served. Daughter 1 floated between serving  cupcakes and visiting with the residents. Daughter 2 and her little friend from church (a member of the other family) visited with the residents and had a grand ol' time.

We had to serve and run because D2 and Brian had a meeting at her school, and D1 and I had a meeting at our school.

As we drove away from the shelter, I asked D1 what her thoughts were about serving at the shelter.

"It was good," she said.

"Do you have any thoughts about it?" I asked, obviously fishing for blog fodder as well as evidence that #ThankfulThursdays had not been in vain.

"What kind of thoughts?" she asked me back.

"Do you think you'd want to serve dinner again?"

"If it needs to be done, I think we should totally do it again."

And ... there was my proof.

If it needs to be done ...

Throughout the past six weeks or so as we've done our #ThankfulThursdays, I've hoped that The Daughters will grow in two ways:  That they are more grateful for the life that they have, and that they are aware of the needs of others.

Sunday morning, I was visiting with my friend Lee. Our girls are close in age and have played softball together for several seasons. She said she loved the Get Well Soon cards that we did because it was so simple and so easy.

That's yet another lesson I want my girls to know: Being grateful, serving others--it doesn't need to be a big production. We don't need to be rich to do it. We don't need to make it a huge ordeal. We just need to do what we can.

"If it needs to be done ... " Good words to end our #ThankfulThursdays.


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