December 30, 2013

2013, You've Sure Been Good

I love the New Year ... a time for new beginnings. That's always a welcome event, unless you're winning and the game isn't over and someone calls "Do Overs" then that kinda ticks me off. Nonetheless, I love the New Year.

In anticipation of this fresh start, let's look back over the year.

In January, D2 celebrated her ninth birthday, and I harassed my cousins.

In February, I taught my kid the definition of rectal, and I took pole dancing classes.

March brought us strep throat (hallelujah!), and I showed off my dope rappin' skillz, yo.

April brought us (you, especially, but it made me happy, too) MY BOOK! And, I called out another author ... apparently you people like sap.

What a great month May was--I learned a lot and fell in love with my man all over again.

In June, we went camping, and I let it all hang out.

My husband pretended to be a Pretty Woman expert in July, and I entertained people in the Hellmart Parking Lot.

August found me in my gyno's office with a list of suggestions, and I reminisced about D1's first note from school.

In September, I met George Straight and D2 met a bull, and I got pissed about the VMAs.

October brought a wake-up call for us as a family and we counted down to Thanksgiving, and D1 and I chatted about spooky things.

In November, I had an opportunity to be kind and I took it, but it cost me, and Getting Lucky was published--you've read it, right?

And that brings us to December, where I felt a connection with Noah, and I had to help Brian take off his trunks.


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