December 8, 2013

My Favorite Things: Christmas Cards

I take Christmas cards very seriously. I have a battle plan for sending the greetings: I take the photos in October. I design and print the card in November and, on our way home from Thanksgiving at my in-laws' home on Thursday night, I drop them in the mailbox and my Christmas Card recipients receive my card first. For fifteen years straight, I have been the First Christmas Card of the season. That and a dollar will get you a small cheeseburger at McGaggles.

I don't know what happened this year. In September, I told Brian that I needed to start planning for the cards, then I blinked, and it was the first day of December.

We left church, ate lunch (because: priorities) and then we came home where I bribed The Daughters to put on red tops, Santa hats and give me something to work with. We tried some inside shots with our Christmas tree and ... a hula hoop. (Don't ask because I have no idea why.)

We took some outside against our brick wall, trying to be all urban and chic at the same time.

Then, I came in and decided on a design--a postcard. See? That will save me time since I won't have to stuff the envelopes.

What has this year's Christmas experience taught me?

  • First, the best laid plans of mice and mommas often go astray. (That's Shakespeare Robert Burns, y'all. My Brit lit professor would be so proud.) 
  • Second, it's taught me that it's okay to get caught up in the moment. So I didn't have my cards done when I wanted them done; I was busy living life and not cleaning my house. That's still a winning combination. 
  • And third, honesty is the best policy--especially when it comes to Christmas cards. This is my family. This is why I blog. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

It may be Easter before y'all get your holiday cards, but you will get them.


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