December 17, 2013

My Favorite Things: Gina Knuppenburg

I know I talk about Arkansas Women Bloggers a lot, but I really have met some of the most wonderful people from my neighboring state, and today's Favorite Thing comes from Arkansas, but not originally. I met Gina a year ago at Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged, summer conference. It turned out to be a big sorta weekend for Gina and her now-fiance Thom. (Go read about it, you'll be so glad you did!) In the meantime, Gina and I have kept up with each other through social media. I read all about her wedding-planning posts and she pre-reads and reviews my books. She was even so sweet as to provide the virtual appetizers for my book launch! She's just as sweet and real and sweeter-still as pie. 

I've never been super girly.  There.  I said it. Maybe it's because I grew up with brothers and been roughhoused enough to make me try to act tough.  Or, maybe it's because I've always been, oh, how do I say it delicately?  Not dainty size-wise?  Okay, plus sized.  I'm a big girl; therefore I've never felt girly.

Luckily for me that's changed in the last few years. I think it's the feeling of being more secure with my being, older and wiser, settled in a relationship and all that yada yada.

The whole point of this diatribe?  I've never liked gold and glitter but since I've gotten engaged and am in the throes of wedding planning-I can't get enough of glittery golden goodness. So in light of everyone sharing their faves here on Minivan Momma, I present to you my faves this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!


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