December 21, 2013

My Favorite Things: Goodness

This week's events involving Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, GQ, and A & E have taken the top news slots on local and nationwide news venues. It's occupied 90% of my social media feeds, and it's a headliner of dozens of magazines in the checkout line.

Also this week, South Sudanese rebels kept US citizens from leaving their war-ravaged country, there was a(nother) deadly school shooting in Colorado, and US Troops were killed in action in Afghanistan.

Still, the top story was the whole Duck Dynasty /A & E diatribe.

I really have nothing to say about the aforementioned debacle--everything's already been said. I do however want to share some good news with you:  

Goodness is still happening.

A stranger paid off $10,000 worth of Kmart layaways for strangers this week because he wanted to.

Seventh grade students collected boxes full of goodies to send to Afghanastan, specifically to two of their classmates's dads who are deployed there.

An individual found himself with an unneeded trailer home, fully furnished, and gave it to a homeless family.

Goodness and good news exist.  This week when my faith calls me to celebrate the Good News incarnate, I'm choosing to look for goodness. 

It will not be found on the television nor the news papers and probably not in my Facebook newsfeed. But, I'm confident in the fact that I will find goodness in my life. I hope you find it in your life this week, too.


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