December 10, 2013

My Favorite Things: Kellee Mayfield

Kellee Mayfield has been on f my Favorite Things for a while now, and not just because we have the quintessential southern girl's middle name, just like I have as well. Ahem. I met her in Arkansas--which may as well be my second home--and instantly wanted to put her in my pocket and take her home with me. She's sweet as maple syrup and as fun as a pre-teen slumber party. Y'all? She took wigs and hula hoops to the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference! Enjoy one of my favorite things:

A Few of My Favorite Things: Delta Moxie

Happy Holidays! It’s Kelly Jo from Delta Moxie. Can you believe Minivan Momma let me be in the driver’s seat once again?  I don’t know about you, but it’s that time of year I rely on some of my favorite things to get through the holiday season when life seems to shift into high gear. Nothing’s going to slow it a girl needs to be prepared. 

NARS Velvet Matte Lipstick in Cruella
Running around feeling like your tinsel is tangled? Apply some bright lipstick to your lips and you’ll feel like a new person. I promise. I love the NARS Velvet Matte lipstick because it stays on well and it’s bright. My favorite color is Cruella, NARS describes it as a scarlet passionate red. I don’t feel dressed without it. Because, I live in a very rural area of Arkansas, I order this online.

Garnier Frucitis Volumizing Hairspray
Along with my bright lips, I love big hair. Since I’ve moved to the South, I learned about teasing my hair. Sometimes my bouffant gets out of control because my artist side takes over and I begin molding my hair to places that defy gravity. I have a heavy hand when it comes to teasing. I think if a little is good, then a lot is better...right? Not necessarily because I experience some bad hair days, but having hairspray is essential to my hair sculpting ways. I like the Garnier Fructis Volumizing Hairspray. It doesn’t smell like a terrible perfume and it isn’t expensive.

Fake Eyelashes
For special occasions like holiday parties and weddings, I wear fake eyelashes. I simply apply glue to a strip of those fuzzy caterpillar looking strip lashes and line them up with the shape of my existing lashes. Y’all, they really add a large element of drama to my peepers and the best part is I skip mascara. I always get compliments. And I bat my exaggerated lashes and sweetly reply, “Why...thank you,” as if these lashes were biologically mine. So don’t fear the lashes. Want to add a little flair, try a pair. Here’s a video of me before and after.

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is my go-to moisturizer for everything. Let’s face it, this time of year my skin resembles that not-so-fresh garland I draped throughout my home before Thanksgiving. To ease the dryness, I keep a jar of coconut oil in my bathroom. Need a great under eye cream, make-up remover, body moisturizer, hair sleekener (ya, I made that up) and deep hair conditioner? Slather on some cold pressed, unfiltered coconut oil. You can get it in your health food section of your grocery store. I find mine at T.J. Maxx in the food section. It’s good for you and is a super bargain. To not cross contaminate my uses of coconut oil, I keep a separate jar in my kitchen for cooking. You’re welcome.

Free Wifi
My favorite thing is free wifi. Wifi should be like air. Anywhere you have to wait, eat, wifi should be available.

Moleskine Notebooks
These notebooks come in an array of sizes, colors and other options. I use this small pocket size for everyday note taking and brainstorms. Watch out when that happens. I call my pocket sized moleskine my “brains”. I use a bigger size for when I feel I need more space to expand my thoughts on projects, sketches, and Christmas lists.

Minivan Momma, TMI Mom and Heather Davis
Heather is one of my favorite people. She makes me snort laugh on one end of the spectrum and has me intrigued regarding how she does it all...working mom, wife, best-selling author, and big-deal blogger. You know where to find her because your are reading her blog right now. If you haven’t already, order her new book, TMI Mom: Getting Lucky.

Congratulations, Heather. 

And Happy Holidays.

As for me, you can find me at my blog
I am a random artist, traveler, real-food-eating, sensible-shoe-wearing mother, wife and contract clinical specialist for a medical device company. Did I mention I have a southern drawl? I do.
Join me as I share my version of life in Southeast Arkansas and the Mississippi Delta. The colors are abundant. From the crops perfectly lined in rows to most beautiful people who make the Delta a perfect place to call home.


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