December 12, 2013

My Favorite Things: Mari Farthing

Today's favorite thing is my girl Mari Farthing. I knew Mari and read her blog long before I actually met her. Then when I met her I didn't know it was her. Well ... I knew it was her, it's not like she was in costume or whatever, but I didn't know she was Mari of Mari's Virtual Notebook, which is kind of silly because she's the only Mari I know. And, Mari is pronounced Mary, not Marie or Maurey. FYI. Anyway, we became instant friends, finding not just a small parcel of common ground, but a whole countryside of common ground. And then ... we became not just friends but working partners--she is the editor extraordinary of the TMI Mom books.  She's also my co-administrator for Oklahoma Women Bloggers, and we are oft found to be texting snark to each other at inappropriate times. See? It's so clear that she's one of my Favorite Things!

My Favorite Things
This is a guest post for Heather Davis, who happens to be one of my favorite people.
“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens?” Meh. Not for me. To be perfectly honest, I always thought that song sounded kind of creepy. Same with “My Funny Valentine,” which does not sound funny at all unless your definition of funny includes creepy. But I digress (which is kind of a favorite thing that I like to do);

My favorite things are more on the lines of emotional things.

Keepsakes, like the coins my dad carried for years and years before he died, worn nearly smooth of identifying ridges.

People, like the friends and family I know I can count on, though we may not talk every day or see each other as often as we would like. The bond that holds us together and refuses to break is vital to my happiness.

Goodness in people. Small kindnesses that might be easily taken for granted but often make a big, rippling impact on the recipient—as simple as a smile or letting someone merge ahead of you in traffic or in line at the store. I love how though we have so many words in our language to define the negative, it’s the impact of positive actions that often has the widest reach.

Creativity. This isn’t so much a favorite thing as it is a necessary thing. If I’m not creating something, I’m not a happy camper. I write. Knit. Paint. Crochet (a recent obsession). Cook. Dream up random acts of craftiness. Make mix tapes CDsplaylists of my favorite songs. Sometimes take pictures.

I love it when Goodness and Creativity join together and have a baby that turns into problem solving.

I love being a mother to my kids, a job I never thought I would be quite suited to, but something that has become a great joy (and, let’s be honest here, pain). One of the best parts of parenting is watching my kids learn the lessons of the values and morals that I try to impart to them, how they take those lessons and use them in the world.

I’m starting to sound like one of those annoying ‘my life is sunshine and roses’ bloggers aren’t I? Trust me—this is not the case. I sit here at the kitchen table writing this in a stolen moment, as my kids are getting ready for school. I pushed a mountain of crap out of my way on the kitchen table, my coffee is cold, the kids are bickering because one of them is singing and the other is making lunch and they’re in each other’s way. I have not yet showered (but I have brushed my teeth—score!) and I have a to-do list as long as my arm, very little time to get it done and I’ll be driving the kids to school this morning in my slippers and a hat of some sort covering my crazy, slept-on hair. And what in the name of all that’s holy is that smell? Oh yeah, the garbage that should have gone out yesterday. Need to take care of that. Why is there a permission slip from yesterday under my yarn? No I haven’t signed it! Go brush your teeth. What do you mean you can’t find your gloves? Gah.

Of course, my favorites are not all emotional. “We are living in a material world and I am a material girl … or boy.” (can you name that movie?) I love pop culture—movies, TV, music. Yes, even stupid celebrity gossip and glossy magazines filled with ads for makeup and pictures of impossibly airbrushed stars in their sparkly event gowns that they borrowed for the event because they can’t even afford their “price upon request” suggested retail prices. The instant availability of online music that has provided me with music that I’d never been exposed to, growing up, and e-books available around the clock with just a click (and both of which provide me with ample late-night insomnia-driven impulse shopping opportunities). I love cute boots. Costume jewelry. I love the app on my smartphone with the GPS that tells me how far I’ve ran or the one that tells me how far it is to the restaurant.
I am thankful for my first-world problems because I’m thankful for living in a first-world country that is defined by freedom. Even in our potential dissent, even with the negative effects that often accompany the good, it’s our freedom that allows this.

Bottom line, I guess that’s got to be my favorite thing.


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