December 25, 2013

My Favorite Things: My Bubby

My Bubby--I'm not sure why I started calling him Bubby; it evolved from Buddy, and I'm not sure why I called him that either. Although he does remind me of Buddy the Elf, I started calling him that way before the movie came out. My friend, FloJo, refers to him as Bubbly part in mock but partially because he is ... He's a bubbly sort of fellow.

When I was putting together my line-up of favorite bloggers to highlight, he was one of my first thoughts. We've been married for almost sixteen years, but have known each other for almost twenty ... we think. We met several times before actually meeting and sticking together.

He's my biggest supporter and the one whose opinion counts heaviest with me. He encourages me in all aspects of our life together and is a great daddy, an awesome teacher, a fabulous husband (read my book, Getting Lucky--you'll understand why) and my best friend.

Check out his Favorite Things post on his blog. This man, my heart, one of my most favorite things.


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