December 23, 2013

My Favorite Things: Spicy Corn Dip

When my Mckelvey Family gathers, we always have an obscene amount of good for even the pickiest pallette. This year, however, we didn't get to gather--stupid ice storm. 

I did get to make my new favorite dip, though--spicy corn dip. 

Last spring, Brian and I attended two separate events and came home raving about this fabulous dip served with Fritos scoops. The dip I had was served cold; Brian had it served hot. 

When Christmas rolled around, I told everyone who was hosting an event that I'd make spicy corn dip.

I made pans of the dip and decided to cook it since it's freezing cold (see ice storm reference above). Mckelvey Christmas was postponed, but I brought a pan south with us to Brian's folks.

Mid-afternoon, I put the dip in the over until it was bubbly and golden. We ripped open the Scoops and dug in.

"This is the wrong dip," Brian said with his mouth full of dip.

"Nope," I said as I shoveled it in, "this is the right dip."

"It's good," Brian said, "but this isn't my dip."

It only took us six months and a four-hour trip south to discover that we had two different corn dips. It didn't stop us from eating it, though.


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