January 3, 2014

Happy New Year, Take Two

Seriously, my alarm must not be working. I really only want to wake up at 6:00 a.m. and get some writing or yoga or mediation or a shower by myself worked into my day. I've set my alarm every single day to do this and so far, I've woken up at 7:42, 9:33, and today at 8:24. I'm not hearing my alarm. Brian assures me that it's going off. He also assures me that I'm turning it off. I have no recollection of this mess at all. Brian also says that maybe I'd hear the alarm if I went to bed before midnight and didn't play on my phone right before I went to bed. But, what does he know.

Nonetheless, I will continue to have my alarm set for six in the morning and will do my best to not hit snooze, but to wake up and be productive instead. It's part of my monthly challenge.

The other part of this monthly challenge is twenty miles. D1 and I plan on walking a total of twenty miles this month. This is because we need to get moving and because she'll be starting golf really soon and she's taking a trip over Spring Break and needs to be ready to walk a lot. So far, we've done zero miles.

January 1 was the first, and we just chilled out. January 2 was yesterday, and I was in Tulsa doing this:

(Happy belated Creme Puff Day, by the way.)

I feel confident that we'll get our twenty miles in for this month, just probably not until school starts back.

And I do believe that this post sums up the beauty and the beast of what we call Christmas Vacation. During the school year, we go non-stop, ninety-to-nothing, pedal to the metal, balls to the wall (well, one of us anyway) that when Christmas vacation rolls around and the holidays and all of their obligations are out of the way, we collapse and our bodies go into full-blown rest mode and nothing else matters. It's a beautiful thing because we need it. It's a beastly thing because it's not endless and we have to get back into the swing of things just as quickly as we got out of the swing of things. Not that we're swingers ... despite what some have assumed based on my book title alone. (We're not. So there. Stop emailing me.)

Saturdays I'll be blogging about our progress, so you can rest assured that even though I'm not daily blogging about how we're meeting (or missing) our challenges, I'll keep you informed weekly. You're breathing easier already, right?

So, even though 2014 has started, I call a do-over on my monthly challenge on January 6. Until then, don't call me before 9 a.m..


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