January 6, 2014

January 6--Beans! Beans! The Magical Fruit!

(Are beans even a fruit?!)

Today is Bean Day. It's also Cuddle Up Day. If you get the chance to stay in jammies all day underneath a big warm blankie, I suggest you just do that. If you eat beans, I suggest you cuddle only with people who have had beans or dogs. You can blame your toots on your cuddle partner or the dog. But that's just my opinion. Do whatever you want to.

For Bean Day, we're making a big ol' pot of beans. For New Year's Day, I baked a spiral ham and kept the bone (this is something that I never do and my mother always chastises me for it). I'll make cornbread for Brian and then eat those muffins piled high with jelly for my dessert. The Daughters, however, will not even eat the beans. I'll make them a chicken sandwich instead.

The beans--they are soaking and sad for some 
ham and Rotel!

You could also start your beans for your garden on this day. the home improvement stores already have their starter stuff and soil out.

This would also be a good day to make up some dry bean soup in a jar and deliver it to your neighbors--especially remember those who may be cooped up in their houses alone during the winter. You know me, I like to share and (over)share and (over)share some more.

Let's all finish the day by singing the Bean Song! Sing it with me, now, y'all!

Beans, beans, the magical fruit
The more you eat, the more you toot
The more you toot the better you'll feel
So let's all eat beans for every meal!

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart
The more you eat, the more you fart
The more you fart, the more you'll eat
And you'll spend the night on the toilet seat!

Beans, beans, they give you gas
They make you fart and burn your a$$
The more you eat the more it hurts
Slow down your eating to stop the squirts.


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