January 26, 2014

Minor details

I seriously only had about a square foot area in which I could prepare my freezer meals last Saturday. Not much space at all. So when I made a mess in my space, I'd quickly wipe it down and keep assembling. I was in the groove, and the groove was in the heart.

I finished those puppies, shoved them in the freezer and called myself Rachael Ray.

Three of them would not fit on the shelf in our upright; I set them in the doorway and religiously pulled them out when it was time to start cooking. 

The others, however, may never get cooked.

You see, after I'd wiped down the small surface, I'd set another bag on that damp space. Now? All of my freezer meals are frozen to the shelf. 

The best laid plans often don't involve my cooking. 


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