January 23, 2014

Not Gone Nor Forgotten

This winter has caused us all kinds of memory issues. The cold has robbed our brains of our capacity to remember just the basics.

1. The Daughters have forgotten that we have a place for their shoes in their rooms. Right now there are seven pair of shoes under the table and three pair of shoes in the living room. We picked them up last night. This has all happened since 6:22 this morning. I blame the cold.


2. We can't seem to remember that the trash men won't--because they've never--come into our house to fetch our trash. We still have to take it out to the trash can. Weird, right? You'd think that as cold as it is, we'd stop having trash in our house. Or, at the very least, that the trash men would actually come gather in from our house, particularly the bathroom trash, which is always overflowing despite the fact that no one actually puts anything in it.

3. Our family believes that when it's cold outside time moves much slower. "Why do I have to get up now?" was the whine this morning when I roused Daughter 1 this morning at the same time as I rouse her every other morning of this school year.

"We have to go to school?" I responded, leaving off the "duh."

"This early?"

"I always tell you to get out of bed this early, honey."

"But it's cold."

4. We are under the mistaken belief that I control the weather. I appreciate the fact that my family gives me credit for being that powerful, but really--when it's so stinkin' cold, their proper response should not be, "Why is it so cold, Momma? Why isn't it warm?" It's January, it's winter, it's going to be cold. I am not the great and powerful Oz, but pay no attention to the man behind the curtain anyway.


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