January 15, 2014

Sacrifcing Momma

I'm not sure when I first ate a Frog in the Hole, but I loved it. The yummy breakfast (or lunch or dinner) dish reminds me of college, but I cannot recall any instance when I actually ate it during college. Of course, there are many instances that I cannot recall from college (cough, cough, my junior year, cough, cough), so that doesn't really mean much.

Ohmygoodness, y'all! This is my favorite!
Frog in the Hole also reminds me of snow days--again, I'm not sure why. But, when we have a snow day, I get a hankering Frog in the Hole.

If you aren't sure what Frog in the Hole is let me 'splain. Butter a slice of bread with obscene amounts of butter (I only use real butter, y'all) on both sides. Slap that sucker in a warm skillet or griddle or whatever you want. Using a biscuit cutter or a round glass, cut a hole in the middle of the bread. Set that circle on the side of the bread (it may be the best part). Crack an egg into the hole, salt and pepper and cook. I love Frog in the Hole, I tell ya. Love it!

Last week when we had a snow day, I craved Frog in the Hole and asked The Daughters if they wanted Frog in the Hole. I already knew that The Dad wouldn't. He has no taste. They both nodded their heads from their vegetative state watching "My Little Pony." So, I made three Frog in the Holes. Frogs in the Hole? Frogs in the Holes? I made three of my yummy, buttery, egg-y dish.

And that's when it happened.

"I won't eat this."

"Is it real frog?"

"Why is the egg in my toast?

"What am I supposed to do with the little circle?"

"I don't like crusts."

"I thought I asked for cinnamon toast and deviled eggs."  Daughter 2 never remembers what she orders.

I stood in the kitchen with three Frogs in the Holes ... or whatever their plural is ... and wondered what to do next.

I only wondered a short time: I ate them all three. I'll be starting cholesterol meds next month, I'm sure, but it was worth the sacrifice.


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