January 5, 2014

Sister Sleepover

"Can we have a sister sleepover?" Daughter 2 asked as she bounced around the living room. Knowing that she had not had good sleep since the last day of school and knowing that she'd likely be driving her sister nutso, I passed the buck to Daughter 1, who would have to be sleeping with her.

"Can we have a sister sleepover together?" Daughter 2 asked her sister, who was sitting on the couch, half dozed and quite possibly with drool coming from her mouth since she hadn't had good sleep since the last day of school.

Daughter 1 shrugged her shoulders and mumbled, "Don't care." Then she stood up from the couch and said, "C'mon."

Forty minutes and three dozen yells of "Calm down!" by her three family members, Daughter 2 finally settled and The Daughters went to sleep. Before I went to my own bed a couple of hours later, I peeked in at my sleeping beauties. They were back-to-back in the middle of the bed. I imagined that Daughter 1 had gotten ugly with a wild Daughter 2 and they'd gone to sleep pouting. None the less, their breathing was synched up and I wished for them at that very moment that they'd always remain this close, not necessarily literally, but for sure figuratively.

Eight Nine Ten hours later, I woke up to a quiet house. Brian was already at the gym (he's such a good man) and The Daughters were still asleep. I peeked in and found Daughter 1 completely wrapped in her comforter and her sister, sprawled in the middle of the bed, uncovered.

In my attempt to cover Daughter 1, I woke her.

"I was just trying to cover your sister."

"She doesn't want covers," she told me in her sleepy voice.

"She might," I argued. "It's really a cold day out."

Daughter 1 really didn't care. She got up to pee and to seize possession of the remote control. I brushed my teeth and went back into her bedroom to cover her sister and found this:

She had covered herself.

"See?" I said as I called Daughter 1 back to her room to show her that her sister did want covered.

"Yeah," spouted back Daughter 1, "I wanted a bed to myself we can't all get everything we want."

Except that ... Daughter 2 ended up in the middle of the bed, by herself with all the covers. I guess good things come to those who sleep in.


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