January 1, 2014

So ... Happy New Year.

Instead of making resolutions, I decided to participate in monthly challenges. The problem with setting resolutions is that they are unknown destinations without a map. Saying that you want to lose weight, but not having a clear plan how that will happen is not going to be a successful venture. So, my monthly challenges will be lifestyle changes that I'll attempt for 30 days. Or 31 days. Or 28 days. You get it, right?

The first one for this month deals with my morning routine, or lack thereof. I realized that if I woke up when my alarm went off, I would have 45 minutes to work out, write, do laundry, whatever. So, my first challenge is to not hit snooze and to wake up when my alarm goes off.

This morning... Or the morning of January 1, my alarm went off at 6 a.m.. But, Jane Seymour was interviewing me, even though I'm pretty certain Jane Lynch was supposed to be interviewing me since I'd seen her on the NYE show. But, I was so embarrassed when my alarm went off during the interview that I turned it off and continued answering her questions. I was hanging with Jane until she started asking me Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman trivia, then I picked up the donuts, took off my mic and shook Carson Daly's hand as I left. (I told you it was supposed to be Jane Lynch.) I asked to go to the bathroom and at 8:49, I got out of bed to pee.

Technically, I didn't hit snooze.

I'll work in the "getting up" part tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

PS--I'll share the rest of my January challenges tomorrow. But, I'm already back in bed for the night.


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