January 11, 2014

Weekly Run Down--January 11

This week, with the surprise of two additional Christmas Vacation days, we didn't start waking up at 6 a.m. until Wednesday when we returned to school. I'm pleased to say that I only hit snooze once this week. I behaved as a zombie every single day, but I only hit snooze once.

Ironically, today (Saturday), I woke up at 6:00, checked the time, went to the bathroom and then the rabbit in bed with me asked, "Are you getting up now?" and I said, "It is 6:00." So the rabbit said, "But on the weekends, you aren't getting up until 7:30. Also, it's privacy fence day, and I can't get out of the yard." So, I went back to sleep ... or maybe I never really, fully woke up and then slept through my 7:30 alarm.   Good news, though, I didn't hit snooze.

The walking? Well, Daughter 1 and I are hitting the streets today because it's spring outside. Mother Nature needs a patch . I'm not complaining because it's a beautiful day, but I'm sure she'll be a cold and frigid witch yet again. Probably about the time we all start wearing shorts around here.


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