February 8, 2014

Hustle--Week 1

Sunday, 2/2--Today, we need to answer the question WHY. Why do I want to set a 30-day goal of exercising at least ten minutes a day? The answer is simple and humiliating all at the same time: I get no exercise otherwise. When people (and by "people" I mean doctors) ask how active I am, I tell them moderate. And I am moderately active as I rise from the couch to shuttle a Daughter to her activity and pick up another. We are very active in that sense. The exercise part? Not so much (for me) anyway. Brian is totally moving all the time--he swims, bikes, walks/jogs. D2, that kid never stops! Softball, pretend cheerleading, tumbling in the middle of the living room, yoga--she goes, goes, goes. D1, well, I've set a really poor example for her. There's my why #1.

In December I was diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance. Basically, my body makes exorbitant amounts of insulin and uses none of it in the way it should. My body is and has always been very confused. How do I get my body operating in the way it should? Right now, it's with medication. This medication will allow for my weight loss efforts to actually pay off--my body will know what to do when I feed it good food. (I've got a fairly decent handle on that, thanks to My Fitness Pal.) According to all research, my body will soar when I add exercise to that mix. There's my why #2.

This will sound as an excuse, and maybe it is, but we do lead a very busy life. In addition to working full-time outside of my home, I also work almost full time (if the hours are to be believed) on my writing. The Daughters are very active, our family is very busy; learning to add exercise/physical activity is going to involve a great big ol' learning curve. But, I need to work in a work out on a regular basis--that's why I'm shooting for ten minutes a day. There's my why #3.

Today--this very, very cold Super Bowl Sunday--I plan on doing some 10 minute Pilates. If I'm feeling saucy, maybe I'll do two segments.

Monday, 2/3--


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