February 3, 2014

Late-Night Thoughts On Snow Days

I'll admit it. I love me a good snow day. But I also love summer days as well. That's why, tonight, as I watch the late-night weather bringing me reports of inches and inches of snow overnight and we contemplate the possibility of a snow day tomorrow, I have many thoughts running through my head.

I'm halfway through Gone Girl. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm the last reader in the world to get through this book. I've attempted it six other times. I could never make it to this point. Today, I hit that point where I want to finish it. If we had a snow day, I could finish reading Gone Girl.

I'm about two-thirds of the way through my fourth book in the TMI Mom series, Girlfriends. I have the remaining chapters outlined, and the words are in my head. If we had a snow day, I could bang out a big portion of the rest of that book. 

Since about a month ago, I haven't slept in. My body loves to sleep late. I function better when I can wake up after nine a.m.. I'm a nicer person and can get more accomplished. If we had a snow day, I'd be so nice everyone would love being around me. 

On the other hand ...

The Daughters can barely be nice to each other when they get home from school--a snow day might push us all over the edge where tequila is poured over our morning cereal.

In late May, early June, quite possibly on the fourth of July, when the weather is nice, and we want to be outside reading books and playing in the pool, we'll still be in school because Old Man Winter went bats#!+ crazy.
Either way, I can tell you this much: Imma have to do laundry because Momma needs a clean pair of panties. 


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