February 10, 2014

Man Crush Monday: Dachhiri Sherpa

I don't always do Man Crush Monday ...

Wait. Let me start over again.

I've never done a Man Crush Monday because I've kinda thought it was a little bit silly but I have a Man Crush and it's Monday, so why not, right?

Saturday morning as we watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, which we had DVR'd the night before because Daughter 1 and her friend wanted to watch Warm Bodies, my heart was warmed by Dachhiri Sherpa of Nepal.


As Dachhiri made his solo trek into the Opening Ceremonies as Nepal's only qualifying athlete, he proudly waved his countries flag and his hand to those in the stands. What really struck me about this bricklayer from the southern Asian (right? South Asia?) nation is this quote:

There is a very big chance I will finish last. The placing is not important if I can teach young people in Nepal about the Olympic spirit. This spirit is in my heart.

In his heart indeed. And shouldn't that spirit be in all of our hearts?

It's not in the winning or bringing home the gold or placing in your events. It's about finishing. It's about holding something dear in your heart and seeing it to the end.

I love Dachhiri. I love his spirit, and I love his message. When the Olympics have packed up and Sochi is just another Russian city, I'll remember Dachhiri and his message. I hope the rest of the world does too.

PS--Olympic Trivia; Dachhiri has yet to finish last at an Olympic game. That's the power of attitude, y'all.


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