February 9, 2014

Winter Has Made Me Crotchety

Funny thing: I had to look up the word crotchety to make sure I was using it correctly. I've used it for years to describe various things.

My American history teacher in high school who lived with eight cats. She lived right across the street from the school and still drove to school every single day. She was crotchety.

My daddy when he said I couldn't stay out later than midnight because only crazy people are out after midnight which was exactly why I wanted to stay out after midnight. He was crotchety.

My neighbor two doors down  would sit at the edge of her front flower bed and pick a flower for me. Her husband would come from their house and "That's enough of that. Get in here." And she would. Her husband was crotchety.

So, I looked up crotchety and here's what I found.

bad tempered; irritable; grumpy; grouchy; short-tempered; testy; ill-tempered; ill-humored; cross; peevish; crabby; cranky; prickly; touchy; snappish; cross-grained; old

Old? Really? But you know what? I'll own it. This winter weather is making me crotchety. All of the words previously mentioned? I'm becoming.

I hear ya, I hear ya. You're saying but it's winter. This is winter weather. And that's the truth. This is winter ... but not the winter I'm used to in Oklahoma.

Go home winter, you're drunk.Source

The winter I'm used to in Oklahoma is snowy, grey and icky one day and seventy degrees and sunny the next. Sure, I'll gripe about that too. The traditional Oklahoma winter will bring us three or four snow days--but not in a row. It will bring us snow, rain, thunder, earthquakes, sleet and a sunburn--all in one week.

I feel it in my bones, literally. My knees ache, my shoulder throbs. I bundle up in layers just to sit in my own house and watch TV. I say, "Ohmygoodness! It's so cold" everytime--Every. Single. Time.--I go outside.

I've even taken to balling my hand into a fist and shaking it wildly in the air at the meteorologist every time he says the words winter, wintery, polar vortex, snow or ice. Sometimes I even mutter, "Damn kids!"

So, until I get my bi-polar, fickle, completely all over the weather map Oklahoma winter back, I'm going to continue to be crotchety. And if you say anything about my complaining, I will shake my fist at you too.


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