March 2, 2014


I loved the show Numb3rs. I'm not a math person, but the show was a lot of fun. I also remarked, every single week, how clever someone was to put a numeral 3 in place of the E.

About a year or so into our fascination with the show, I wondered why they didn't use the numeral 5 in place of the S.

"If I ever write a book about math," I stated to Brian one Friday night as we snuggled on the couch watching Numb3rs, "I'll use a 5 for the letter S."

"Well," he laughed, I'm sure wondering who in the world would buy any book that I wrote about math given my complete and utter lack of sense with anything number-ish, "Don't write your math book until you write your other books."

Ever since I was in second grade, I've wanted to write. What I've wanted to write has always been all over the place. Since I enjoyed reading creative non-fiction, personal essays and humor, that's probably the genre I most wanted to write, though. So, I started writing.

I finished a very rough, patch-worked manuscript a little over two years ago. I shot it out to agents who said if I had a bigger platform, they'd love to work with me. I believed (still do) that the publishing world is changing and the only way to be a published author is not necessarily through the traditional route, so I explored.

Almost two years ago, I began my dream to becoming a published author. Here's a look at that journey in numb3r5s. (See? I knew one day I'd write about math.)

8/2012--date I signed a contract with Buzz Books for ...

4--total humor books

9/2012--date I appeared on The Dr. Oz Show

24--hours I spent in NYC

0--number of people who went with me to NYC

5,592--words I wrote on the plane ride from NYC to Tulsa for my very first published ebook: TMI Mom Bites The Big Apple, which went as high as number ...

9 on the Amazon Kindle Best Seller List.

1--of April was the release of TMI Mom Oversharing My Life which landed and stayed at number one and is consistently in the top ...

25 motherhood books on Amazon. This book lead to ...

1--very crazy hater, which I refer to as Reba the Chicken Lady.

7--as in July, is the day I became a humor columnist for Metro Family Magazine in OKC, and was recently awarded the Bronze award for humor column at the Parenting Media Association's annual award banquet.

29--of November was the release of TMI Mom Getting Lucky, for which I took a total of ...

3 stripper classes (two pole dancing and one lap dancing).

8--the number of Chicken Soup for the Soul books in which I've been published.

6--the number of months it took me to write Crazy On Board, my third book in the TMI Mom series, which is set to be released in


5--the number of months it took me to write Girlfriend Rules, my fourth and final book in the TMI Mom series, which is set to be released in winter 2014.

240,000--approximate number of words I've written and edited in the past ...

21 months. So, where do I go from here? Another passion that I've dabbled in and won awards for is picture books. So, I shot ...

1 picture book out to agent Clelia Gore of Martin Literary and she signed me! I get to live my dream of writing with my

2 beautiful and amazing daughters and my

1 handsomely awesome husband.

This, my friends, is my dream. See? I knew one day I'd get to write about math and use a 5 for the letter S.


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