March 6, 2014

#Sponsored: Bourbon & Boots--Bringing Y'all Back

 I grew up in Oklahoma in the eighties. Izods with turned-up collars were the thing. We tried really hard to not say "y'all" when we could be saying, "Ohmygosh, you guys!" When we graduated from high school, our goal was to leave Oklahoma and never look back.

I, however, did not leave. I stuck around. I got my degree, and I taught in my home state. And you know what? Oklahoma is not half bad. It's not half bad at all.

I now embrace my inner y'all and take great pride in being a southern girl. My inner fourteen-year-old, who wanted nothing more than to look and act like everyone else with big hair and neon colors, now enjoys being who I am. And I'll be the first to admit, I'm eclectic. That's exactly why I love Bourbon & Boots.

I first noticed Bourbon & Boots when I was searching for cool Oklahoma stuff. (Tell me this sign wouldn't look great in my entry way!)

Plus, y'all, they have a whole section--A WHOLE SECTION--devoted to Mason Jars. How in the world could I not love a place that loves Mason Jars as much as I do?

So when I was asked if I wanted to receive a product to review, I was like, "Um ... hell yeah, y'all!" And in a few short days, I got this:

I love my silver spoon necklace. (It's a spoon, y'all!) It's fun, eclectic and very southern--just like me! And because Bourbon and Boots love you as much as I do, they're offering you a 5% coupon off of any one item at Bourbon and Boots. To claim your discount, use the code BLOGMINIVANMOM14.

I'd love to know what you want to buy from my new favorite online shop!


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