April 27, 2014

A Week From Show Date

This past week a sweet friend of mine, Jasmin, asked if anyone could take her Stanley on a trip. I told her that I was going to Oklahoma City for our final read-through of the Listen To Your Mother show before the big day (May 4 at 2:00--Do you have your tickets yet?)

Bright and early on Saturday morning, Stanley and I set out for Oklahoma City. He might have been tired because he was up practically all night long on Friday, but he was bright eyed smiling when we left Bartlesville.

When we arrived in OKC, we met the cast of LTYM for some Mexican food. Stanley and I split a platter of cheese enchiladas and cheese burritos. I even ordered in Spanish. I ordered a numero dos, por favor. Then Stanley and I giggled like middle school boys because I said "number 2."

Since we were in OKC and it is the capitol of Oklahoma, I took Stanley by the capitol building. He liked the dome, but was kinda worried that we spent so much on the dome instead of giving that money to public education. Stanley's my kind of people. While we were there an environmental group was having a rally. He loves the earth and wanted to stay and be a part, but I really had to get to the read-through.

Finally, we were at the Girl Scout office and ready for our show's read-through. The ladies had heard each other's stories before, but today, they were to read from the official show book as they stood in front of their cast members. Stanley was a little nervous because these women were all so beautiful and kind and had great stories to tell.

When the stories started, Stanley was enthralled. He laughed at all the right places and cried at all the right places. He sighed with contentment and even nodded his head. I think I heard him mutter a "Me, too" after several of the readers were finished. He loved the idea that a portion of the proceeds of the show would benefit ReMerge. He stood and applauded the entire cast when the read-through was done.

Originally, when I told Stanley what we were doing when we went to OKC, and I think he rolled his eyes at the idea of a 90-minute show of readers telling about motherhood. But, by the end of the read-through, he wiped his eyes and asked where he could get a ticket. I told him he didn't need a ticket because he was small enough to sit on a lap. I also reminded him that he'd be back at school for our May 4 show at Will Rogers Theater in OKC. But, if any of his dimensional friends wanted a ticket, they could buy them here.

With our day almost over, Stanley asked for a group picture. We obliged. Normally, our read-throughs are closed to anyone but cast members, but Stanley was perfectly quiet and respectful. We hope to see you next Sunday, and if you've been a good audience member, we'll take a picture with you too. 


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