April 7, 2014

Fleetwood Mac, Misti and Checking Out

Recently, my chick Misti and I had the privilege of speaking to a state-wide group of over one hundred moms. We were billed as--get this--the entertainment. We did not disappoint. Misti spoke very eloquently from her notes about Listen To Your Mother (you're coming, right?). I rambled in a nonsensical manner about peeing in the shower and painting with poop. But, ya know what? This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

But, before we entertained the moms, Misti and I were treated to a lovely lunch. We were seated at a table with six of this organization's past state-presidents. We were seated at the fancy table, y'all.

Misti had a draining week; I was having a draining week month; it was good to take a break with Misti, eat our lunches and just be for a moment.

So, we be'ed. We chatted about our weeks, our loves, our show, our lives. Then, the conversation turned to Fleetwood Mac. They're going on tour this year, friends. (My birthday's in June--hint, hint.) Misti and I both posted the link to their tour on Facebook and updated our statuses to reveal that this news made us get good bumpy and pee our pants at the same time. So, as we sat at the table of dignitaries, we got caught up in imagining the awesomeness that will be the Fleetwood Mac concert.

It was at the point in our imaginings where Misti was simulating how she'd be ugly-crying through "Landslide," and I was pretending to holler out "Sing it again, Stevie!" that the past president on my right touched my arm and brought me back to reality.

"Do you two know each other?" she asked us.

Not true to either my form or Misti's, we answered honestly. "Yes."

It's good to check out every once in a while. It's good to pretend that you are at a Fleetwood Mac concert where Stevie Nicks is singing "Landslide" just to you while Lindsey Buckingham winks and then licks his lips while looking straight at you. (I don't care how old he is. He's one sexy man. Seriously, listen to this and tell me you don't lose your breath.)

It's good to check out with a great friend who not only lets you lose yourself in a moment, but follows right along with you so you don't get too lost.

But, the next time Misti and I lose ourselves in a moment, and we're so caught up in laughter and tears and playing pretend, and someone asks us if we know each other, we've got our answers ready ...

We missed Julie at our pretend Fleetwood Mac concert.

"Nope. Just met her over the dumpster out back."

"We're married to the same man."

"We did time together in the big house."

"Nope, but we shared a room at the Holiday Inn Express last night."

"We met on our home planet."

"We worked the pole together last night."

"We once toured with Fleetwood Mac."


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