April 20, 2014

Today is about love. That is all.

There are a half-dozen (probably more--I got tired of hiding them) posts in my Facebook newsfeed (which is where I get all of my reliable, day-starting information) spewing hatred this morning.

You can't say "Happy Easter" if you don't know Christ and His ultimate sacrifice!

We're not celebrating Easter. We're celebrating the resurrection! I just hid the resurrection eggs--think about that when your coloring your eggs this year.

If the Easter Bunny comes to your house, you've missed the message of Easter.

Goodness! I'll bet when Jesus hung on that cross, he wasn't making of list of people who'd get it wrong. I'll bet he wasn't hanging, his thoughts full of judgement. In fact, the Gospels are pretty clear that even at that time that he was hurting the most, suffering the most, scared, frightened, lonely, he called for ... forgiveness.

That's the message of Easter for me. That in the darkest times of my life, there can be hope. Whether I'm the one being wronged or the one who has wronged, I can cling to the hope that forgiveness awaits me.

Love wins.

This life is too short, too beautiful, too lovely, too full of opportunities to be nice, show forgiveness, and demonstrate love.


If you truly know the meaning of the resurrection, why would you show anything but love?

If you don't celebrate the resurrection, why would you show anything but love?

If you're a human being and you interact with other human beings either in real life or virtually, why would you show anything but love?

So, on this Easter Sunday, if you spew anything but lovely, forgiving, non-judgemental thoughts, don't be surprised to find yourself blocked from my online viewing.

But, know that when I clicked that BLOCK button, I clicked it in love.


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