May 27, 2014

"If you have any questions ... "

Daughter 2 likes to be involved. She likes to be involved in everything. A few years back, I mentioned a funeral that I should attend. D2 heard me and piped right up, "I'll go!" Involved. She likes to be very, very involved.

Her desire for involvement shone great last November when a local judge presented an anti-bullying program at D2's school. The judge presents this program at every one of our schools in his district. He defines bullying, harassment, assault and battery. He discusses the legal repercussions as well as the life changes that being involved in such crimes can bring about.

I've seen this program at my school for three years. This was the first year that D2  remembered it long enough to tell us about it when she got home. While she likes to be involved, she's not a great communicator.

"Judge Vaclaw came to our school today and talked to us about bullying and harassment and protective orders," she explained that night in November.

I'm sure I muttered "cool" or something like that because by the time dinner rolls around, I am pooped!

"He asked if we had any questions."

"He doesn't do that at our school because we have way more kids than you do and it'd take too long to answer the questions," D1 pipped up, clearly a program professional.

"Yeah, if we had questions, we had to write them," D2 explained.

I didn't even ask if she wrote to him because I didn't figure she wanted to be that involved. 

And that was the end of that ...

Until last month.

Last month, D2 received an official looking letter from District Court. I figured it was junk because why else would a ten year old get a letter from District Court.

Unless she had written him a letter asking her questions from the bullying assembly.

What questions, you ask? Yeah, I asked her too.

"Did you write to Judge Vaclaw?" I hollered to D2.

"Yeah," she hollered back. "Did he write me back?"

"What'd you ask him," I said ripping into the letter. (It's not illegal for a parent to open a minor's mail, right? I'll have to ask the judge.)

She ran into the hallway, trying to rip the letter from my hands. "I just asked how much it cost to get a protective order and if I could get one against my sister or anyone else in my family."

So. I'm sure we're now on some county watch list.


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