May 5, 2014


Last weekend I was privileged to get to speak at the #OWFI14 conference, which was put together and run by my fabulous friend, The Resident Heretic, aka Denise; aka Christine; aka CD; aka Past President.

I had three presentations. Those are on slide share, and anyone can access them:

The Best Blog in the Blogosphere

Being Everywhere

Balance In Your Writing Life

If you are a writer or would like to be a writer or think you'd like to be a writer, I suggest you go to an OWFI conference. You'll meet cool people who are in the same stage in their writing career, and you'll find a mentor(s) who would love nothing more than to help you pursue your writing dreams.

Also, you can enter the writing contest and whether you win or not, you could get a really helpful (not to mention cool) critique back from the judge! I brought home awards in the categories of Feature Article (second place) and Picture Book (first place!). My picture book is actually sitting in the hands of my wonderful agent, Clelia Gore of Martin Literary. But, the most exciting new of it all was this: TMI Mom Getting Lucky was named 2014 Nonfiction book of the year!

My fabulous editor, Mari Farthing, spooned me!
I'd like to say that I took the day on Sunday to bask in the glory of the weekend. But, alas, there's no rest of the wicked. And on Sunday, my Boos, Julie, Misti and I put on a wicked groovy show. More about that later...


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