May 19, 2014

Sponsored: How do you Aioli?

I'll be real honest: When Red Gold asked me if I wanted some of their canned tomatoes (The answer to this question is ALWAYS!) to help them celebrate their Facebook contest "How Do You Aioli" (which runs through May 28), I had to look up the word. I thought Aioli was a typo.

So, before we proceed with my kick-a$$ aioli dip, let me share my new-found knowledge with you. Aioli is a mayo-like spread or dip or topping. It's versatile and delicious and, best of all, Red Gold makes it's super duper easy.

One of our school's most favorite teachers announced his retirement. Before we all got caught up with the ending of the school and the beginning of summer, we had a pot luck luncheon for him. I knew at that moment that I'd take some aioli made from Red Gold's Lime and Cilantro Petite Diced tomatoes. Remember when I said super duper easy? I wasn't lying. Here's what I did:

in a small mixing bowl, I added one can of Lime and Cilantro Petite Diced tomatoes, three-fourths of a cup of mayo and two cups of shredded pepper jack cheese. I mixed it all together, covered it and let it set in the fridge over night. That's it. Seriously. That's all I did.

The next day, I served it with tortilla chips and let me just say two more words: Yum-O.

But, if southwest is not your style, you can use any kind of Red Gold Petite Diced tomatoes and do the exact same thing--with or without the cheese. Their flavors include Garlic and Olive Oil, Chipotle, Green Chiles and plain. Just mix it with mayo and viola! Aioli!

So, how do YOU Aioli? Don't just tell me--tell Red Gold as well. Maybe you'll win!


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