May 26, 2014

Vino Van Gogh--It's always a good time

My friend Dawn and I work hard. I'm not just saying that because middle school is hard work; I'm saying that because not only do we teach, but we are mommas, wives, AND we work extra jobs. Dawn has several pizza restaurants and I write like I have something to say.

When Vino Van Gogh contacted me and invited me and a friend to come paint for the night, I didn't hesitate in saying  Heck Yeah! And I immediately knew I'd take Dawn.

Dawn and I have collaborated on artistic endeavors before.

These T-shirts rocked, right?

More than creating masterpieces, we created memories. Plus, I knew we needed a night out.

Vino Van Gogh is different from other paint date places in that they meet in trendy, local restaurants.  Dawn and I went early for dinner before painting. Because they meet in this type of setting, it's a lot smaller and more intimate. Our artist-instructor could give us a step and then visit with each of us individually to encourage us and (on more than one occasion for me) offer suggestions.

True to our form, Dawn and I kinda ventured off and did our own thing on our canvases. The artist was there to assist us and encourage us when we said, "Wait ... I didn't think it'd look like that!"

Vino Van Gogh has several offerings in Tulsa. If you're looking for a date night or a girls night out, Vino Van Gogh is a must do.

Really ... if Dawn and I can produce such masterpieces, you know you can as well.


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