August 17, 2014

From The Back Seat

On our way home this weekend, we stopped at got a RedBox, Frozen. Brian and I have never seen the movie--we might be the last people in the free world to have not seen this phenom. We have now officially heard it, though.

When it came to the part (spoiler alert) when one sister is saved by the other sister, I reached to the controls and hit the pause button. I turned in my seat to face my two daughters--sister, just two years apart, and said, "Does this scene speak to y'all?"


Daughter 1 quickly answered, "Yes."

Daughter 2 responded with, "Eh ... not so much."

And the next fifty miles went something along the lines of this:

"Yeah, well, I didn't ask for you to be born."

"I didn't ask for you to be a turd."

"The one who smelt it dealt it."

"I don't smell anything but you and your stupid breath."

{heavy panting in the direction of her sister}

"Stupid mouth breather."

"Stupid, dumb mouth breather."

"Why don't you just shut up?"
"You shut up first and then the whole world will be happy."

"Let her go! Let her go! Just open the door and leave her on the side of the road!"

"They'd leave you on the side of the road because they'd left you at a restaurant before."

"Only because I was reading. You don't even know how to read."

"I know how to read, but I have a life."

"I have a life. I've lived longer than you."

"Only because you were born first."
"Yeah, well, I didn't ask for you to be born."

Eventually, they asked two questions:

The first was why we weren't watching the movie and then next was why I was trying to get my door open while singing, "Let me go! Let me go!"

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