August 18, 2014


If you have no idea what the #IceBucketChallenge is, you need to leave this blog right now and catch up with the rest of the world. Also, where have you been for the past month or so?

The basic gist is this: You are challenged by someone you know to either douse yourself with ice water or make a donation to the ALS charity of your choice. Personally, I like the ALS Organization. Ideally, you should do both. And then you challenge whomever you want.

I encourage you, however, to not just douse yourself with ice and make a donation, but to find out about ALS. It's commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease and 5,600 people in the U.S. are annually diagnosed with ALS. At any given time, 30,000 people are living with the disease. Those are devastating statistics.

My cousin Courtney, of fame--I've written about her a lot--challenged me to the #IceBucketChallenge. This is laughable on so many levels. Courtney is rarely on Facebook and all of a sudden, she's posting video and tagging me. Lookie who turned out to be a social media aficionado after all? When I groaned, because I hate cold, The Daughters were all about dumping ice on me and themselves.

So, we decided, as a family, that we'd do the #IceBucketChallenge. Brian was in charge of getting the ice and filming. Lucky dog.

Daughter 1 went first. She'd been challenged by another friend as well. She challenged "everyone below" since she's going to post it on her Instagram. But, basically, she challenged Carinna, Daisha, and her Aunt Lulu and Uncle Jared.

Daughter 2 went next. She decided that Cousin Courtney must have challenged her as well. She challenged some of our Texas cousins, LJ, Brecken and Gavin, her Rebelz teammates and her Rebelz coaches.

I went last and challenged all of my co-workers at Central Middle School and all of the lovely ladies at Oklahoma Women Bloggers. Trust me. I know what I'm doing.



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