August 13, 2014

#sponsored: Yak Pak Bags--WINNER ANNOUNCED!

School started yesterday. We've been ready for a month, though. Even before the sales, I took Daughter 2 school supply shopping. Typically, our biggest purchase and our biggest struggle is picking out her school bag. There are just too many to choose from and, inevitably, she wants a crappy one that I don't like and that will fall apart before Halloween.

Good news for me: This year, I got a blue zebra-striped messenger bag from Yak Pak. Daughter 2 loves the design, and I love the quality. Yak Pak is headquartered in NYC and creates all sorts of products that can be found in major retailers nationwide.

She's had her bag packed for almost a month now. She practices carrying it  It's holding up remarkably well. She has unpacked it and packed it and rearranged it. She's tossed it on the ground, the floor, the bed, the mantle. It still looks brand new. She officially carried it yesterday for the first day of school and bragged about how much she loved it and how absolutely cute it was.

Good news for you: They want to give you a bag as well! In order to get this bag, you need to first off, like them in all the likable places:


Then, leave me a comment telling me what your favorite school supply was when you were a wee little school child. 

Also, tell me which bag YOU'D want from Yak Pak.
Go HERE and enter the password multicheck to see what's available for this giveaway.

CONGRATS TO WINNER, SHANNON! Message me your address and we'll get your Yak Pak sent out!


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