October 1, 2014

Getting Older

It was Twinsy Day at school yesterday. My kid, who goes to my school, who is in the throes of hormonal raginess, who tends to growl at me ... She wanted to be my twin. 

We both had an "Okay Okay" shirt. We both had jeans. She had two grey-ish pairs if Chuck Taylor's. Easy enough--Twins!

Then I cut my hair. 

I love my new 'do. I have just a smidgin' of color left the rest of my hair is 100% me--grey and all! And I love it! 

Daughter 1 told me this ruined our twin experience. Her hair is long and auburn and gorgeous. My hair was now short and mousy and, well, different. 

"But it will still work for us to be twins," she said with a sigh. 

Then we took the twinsy picture. 

Then I felt old. 

She's taller than I am. We wear the same size shoes. Her boobs are bigger and higher than mine for goodness sake! 

I look at that picture, and I wonder when I got so old. When did my baby become a young woman? How did I get wrinkles and saggy eyes and a child that has been mistaken for me? (Seriously. Someone thought she was Brian's wife. Twice.)

I look at that kid, though, and realize I've raised and am raising that kid. I still feel old, but I'll take it ... As long as this smart, kind, considerate kid is the pay off. 


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