November 1, 2014

Hello November!

I say this a lot -- and I mean it every time I say it: This is my most favorite time of year! I love fall, and I love the season of back-to-hallow-thanks-mas. 

November typically means that we count down to Thanksgiving my listing off those things for why we are grateful. I'll probably do that via Facebook and Twitter.

 It also means that we can participate in NaBloPoMo ... Or something like that where we committ to blogging every day. I'll try to do that but it's an awfully busy time of the year. I make no promises. 

For me, November is a time of opening my heart and examining what's in it, aside from McGaggle grease. 

It's the month Brian proposed to me. It's the month I became a momma. It's the month if preparing for Christmas. Its the month my last TMI Mom comes out. 

It's full of hope and promise for me. I cannot explain how happy I am that November is here. 


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