November 2, 2014

Saturday In The Front Yard

Thanks to my sweet friend, Galit, we embarked on our own version of bringing faces together. Last month, we celebrated with Spaghetti Saturday. This month, last night, we had friends over to gather in our front yard and eat sausages: Brats, Polish, Hot Link, and weenies.

I'm having such a great time meeting with our neighbors and our friends and fellowshipping in the front yard. Last night it was chilly. And when the sun went down over our neighbor's house it got cold.

Those of us who were still braving the dropping temp and were huddled around the propane grill decided to move it inside. The great conversation continued.

I only made screen contact one time--when Daughter 2  helped a little eighteen month old cutie-patootie onto the hammock with her. She carefully put her arm around him to secure him next to her and he awkwardly returned the gesture by putting his arm around her back. Preciousness indeed.

This is why I am loving our Saturdays in the Front Yard. Interactions are authentic and spontaneous and perfect.

I found myself feeling very sad when I said, "We'll continue our get-togethers after the holidays."

And we will continue them. I cannot wait.

I encourage you to find a way to connect face-to-face. Now or after the holidays.


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