November 3, 2014

She's my kid

Sunday morning, Daughter 1 circled the word Christmas three times in the church bulletin. 

"Ohmygoodness, Momma!" she whispered during the announcements, "I cannot wait!"

I nodded my head in agreement. This is the most wonderful time of the year. 

Tonight as we watched the first Christmas commercial (I think it was Target, and their song this year is not nearly as cool as last year's song), she said, "Don't you wish we could put up the tree right now?"

I giggled and nodded. I considered putting up the tree. Then, I changed my mind. Then, I changed it back again. 

As I sat staring at my beautiful daughter who was becoming just as giddy as I am about the whole season, she spoke again.

"I'm so excited I could pee my pants."

Just wait, baby. In 20 years, after you've become a mom, you actually will pee your pants. 


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