November 18, 2014

Thank you, Brian

Brian has been known as Brian on my blog for quite some time. I thought it was urgent to out his name after a reader said, "When you say The Dad, are you talking about your husband or father?" I thought mentioning "our kids" was clue enough. Apparently not. So, his name went public. 

He chortled lightly when I explained his coming out as Brian. He rolled his eyes just now when I said I wrote that he came out. He nodded his head and restarted his Netflix movie when I told him not to roll his eyes at me. 

See? See why I need to thank him? He let's me get buy with just about anything because he loves me. 

He's also growing a beard. Officially, he's participating in No-shave November. The truth is that beards make him itch. But they make me giggly, so he does whatever it takes to please me. 

Really ... I couldn't ask for a better partner in life. Thanks, Brian. Thanks for being my best friend and mate in this life. 


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