November 16, 2014

Thank You, Hadley

This morning, our pastor challenged us to not take notes during his sermon, but to write down people we for whom we are thankful.

I took notes because no one can tell me what to do.

Kidding. Kinda. I did take notes because it's hard to break old habits and he said some really cool things that I wanted to remember.

But, this challenge to think of people for whom we are thankful inspired me.

So, today, thank you, Hadley.

She's better known as Daughter 1. She's my first-born. She was wanted long before she came to be--four years, in fact, almost to the day. I'm thankful for her because she made me a momma.

For years, Brian and I tried to have babies without any success. (Brian would argue that the trying was just as important as the end result.) I was at a point in my life where I just knew I was destined to not be a momma--and that was heartbreaking to me.

There are many days since then, then I believe maybe I wasn't supposed to be a momma because quite frankly, there are days that I suck at it. Case in point, today.

I prayed that my daughter would be strong and smart and self-sufficient. So, it's my own fault, basically.

She became a teenager this week. I have to admit that so far, the years are getting better, this morning's text exchange withstanding. Or maybe it's because I'm getting used to this thing called motherhood. I've always been a slow learner.

Her birthday cake of choice was dirt cake. It wasn't, as the picture would have you believe, gruel.

But, today, I say thank you to my beautiful first born:

The one who made me a momma
The one who has mastered the art of the selfie and the silly pose

The one who is smart beyond my comprehension
The one who has my daddy's red hair
The one who has lofty goals and dreams and doesn't take no for an answer--

Thank you, Hadley.

PS--She has jeans and long-sleeve shirts. She just doesn't LIKE them.


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