December 21, 2014

Love. Love. Love.

Let me preface this by saying that in the past twenty-four hours, I've maybe gotten four hours of uninterrupted sleep. So, this may be a post that is riddled with incoherencies, weepiness and mangled masses of words. But, that's what makes blogging so fun, right?

This is the final Sunday of advent: love. This week, we'll celebrate Christmas and the promise of a savior is fulfilled. It also marks the start of Our two-week winter break. Ohmyword! We need our two-week winter break. Already, though, I'm weary.

Two girls, two furious tummy bugs. Woof! This caused us to miss church, caused Hadley to miss helping with children's church, caused Briley to miss her class party, caused me to lose sleep, caused us to postpone our trip south for Davis Christmas. 

This morning when Hadley'd tummy had settled enough for her to go to sleep, I had just lay down when I got the call that my uncle Norris had passed away. I am so confident in the healing power of heaven's glory that I know he's in a better place, but golly! The timing has got to be rough, not necessarily for me, but for my cousins and my aunt. 

When I think about the rough start to our winter break, and the last Sunday of advent, which is the Sunday of love, I can't help but wonder where exactly is the love?

As I lay in bed writing this post, weeping out of exhaustion and sympathy and a little bit of selfishness at a break that's less than perfect, I have to consider the desperation of those who don't know any love. 

The past few days when my kids heaved their guts out and cried for relief, I promised them I would take their place if I could. And I meant it--at least more than half the time. God, in sending His Son to earth, meant it all the time. That's love 

When Brian sent me to bed early this evening and promised to take care of the girls' every need right before he put in his headphones and cued up Netflix, that was love ... For me and for historical documentaries. 

When my cousins lost their dad today, the very real pain I felt in my heart for them, that's love.

When I smile just looking at the gifts under the tree that have been specially picked out after long thoughts and careful planning, that's love. 

When the cat lays on my head and purrs, I imagine that's love. Right? It could be love, right?

The holidays are rough for a lot of people--heck! Life is rough for a lot of people. My prayer for this week, and all weeks, is that in the midst of your situation, whatever that may be, you will find love. 


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