December 31, 2014

Minivan Momma's Top Five of 2014

Does it seem weird to anyone else that the year is 2014? Why aren't we driving hover cars and getting dressed with the push of a button ala The Jetsons? Anyway, as we start a new year, I thought it'd be good to reflect on this past year.

This past year? Woof. It was weird to say the least. There were long stretches of my not writing, despite the fact that I had two additional books published this year (Crazy On Board and Girlfriend Rules), to round out the TMI Mom series. Plus, I had my first piece of fiction publish with some of my girls, Weekend With Effie.

Despite the wonkiness of the year where I was thrown head-first into the sandwich generation, it was a good year. Let's remember the top five posts of 2014 on Minivan Momma!

5. (You have to count backwards on New Year's Eve.) Teal Toes and Mi Familia--I was able to connect with my daddy's side of the family and share the story of my cousin's life and death.

4. Giggling Uncontrollably and Laughing Inappropriately--Wherein I stood, flipping through bras for Hadley contemplating the idea of letting Brian go bra shopping by himself.

3. Obligatory Father's Day Post--So much of my happiness is due in no small part to my better half. I heart him a lot.

2. 20 Freezer Meals--I really kinda feel bad about this post getting so many views. Kinda. It was done tongue-in-cheek, but the meals were all real. So many readers emailed me asking for specific recipes (including my sister) and the truth of the matter is that I rarely use a real recipe, which makes the number one post that much funnier:

1. Lasagna--I'm still not a food blogger--It was a sponsosred post for Red Gold, but it clearly resounded with a lot of people. Who knew?


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