January 16, 2015

All The Feels In This Week

Nostalgia--Brian and I went to the Garth Brooks concert late Saturday night. So many of his songs were definitive of our lives. "The Dance?" Amidst our college years when we were ready to take the world on. "Two PiƱa Coladas?" We heard it twenty-hundred times on our honeymoon. "How Do I Live?" The first night we spent together ... On the concrete ... With a gazillion others waiting in line to buy Vince Gill tickets. So much nostalgia. 

Worry--Because the temps were so cold and the girls wanted to be grown up, we left them home alone (without having my mom stay over) while we hung with Garth and Trisha. The 10:30 concert didn't start until after midnight. We didn't get home until almost four. For all intents and purposes, the girls spent the night by themselves. Not only was I very anxious about this, Briley was as well: she stayed up until we got home because sometimes parents die and no one tells the kid. She watches too much Disney Channel. 

Devotion--I woke up at nine Sunday morning after getting to sleep at almost five. Brian's and I are leading our small group this session. I actually like leading small group a lot. 

Pain and Weariness--a middle of the night migraine Subday night left mr feeling achy and exhausted all day on Monday. 

Excitement--The official "welcome to high school, parents" letter came this week. I'm so excited to see my girl growing up and growing into her place in our world. I'm also a little bit panicked because when I look at her, she's a three year old with a huge vocabulary who's taller than I am. 

Amazement--Watching Briley pitch. Man. That girl's an athlete! My squirrley girl who cannot seem to remember that her shoes/socks/clothes don't belong in the middle of the living room, can throw that yellow ball with authority. 

Exhaustion--I found myself wearing down as the week did. There was snot moving into my body at an alarming rate. I was drooling on my own chin and didn't care because wiping off was too much of an effort. 

Defeated--Three weeks to the day after Briley was diagnosed with the flu, Hadley was diagnosed. We had become way too intimate with Lysol products; I was bummed that that seemed in vain. Also. Buy stock in Tamiflu. Whew! That stuff's made of gold. 

Bummed--originally, Hadley was supposed to help with the kid lock-in at church. Briley has her sleep over. Brian and I were going to have a kid-free night. Damn the flu. 

Content--Briley's at a sleepover; Brian's at a hotel hoping to miss the flu yet again; Hadley and I are home, Advil'ed up and watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. Aside from the germs battling for control of our immune systems, this is a great way to spend my Friday night. 


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