January 7, 2015

I Got Big Plans

In November, my girl, Rachel L. Hough, and I went to her lake house where I pounded out 15,000 words on my next book Life With Extra Cheese. Since that time, I've not added one single word on it. Not one.

I've met all of my deadlines. I've blogged (some), but as far as the book goes? I just haven't had the time or the energy. We'll blame the holidays. Also, we'll blame the fact that my life has seemed completely unorganized.

Last night as I lay in bed watching Orange Is The New Black, I was jealous of the fact the the girls (not the inmates...that's so rude) were putting together a newsletter. I ached wanting to write, but since it was well after midnight, I couldn't very well justify getting out of bed and writing. Plus, I was unorganized. What would I write anyway?

So, I looked at (lusted after) Erin Condren's Life Planners. Then I watched her video and learned about the coolness of her life planners. All of a sudden I'm a former meth head with my hands in the air shouting hallelujahs like Pennsatucky was bringing the word to the community room at Litchfield.

Then I bought one. I bought a life planner. It arrives in two weeks. I cannot wait to get myself organized.

'Cause, really, all I am missing from getting organized is a pretty life planner.


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