December 23, 2015

Poop and other things parents need to talk about

Y'all know I love to share and overshare until people start to squirm. I firmly believe the by sharing the things that make us crazy, give us gray hair and make us want to hang ourselves and others by our toenails need to be talked about. (Remember? I went on the Dr. Oz show and told e'r'one how I peed in the shower.)

And those of you who overshare with me? Well, I love you just as much as I love talking about unmentionables. 

My friends, Norine Dworkin-McDaniel and Jessica Ziegler, are the brains behind the incredibly funny and oft inappropriate (in a good way) Science of Parenthood. And... AND... they've written an amazingly funny and laugh-out-loud parenting guide. Well, ya know, it's more helpful than that "What To Expect" book that I sit on to help my sciatica.

I love these gals and their words and especially their pictures for so many reasons. The very least of these reasons is that it's funny. The very greatest of these reasons is that it's honest.

They have taken the things of parenting that make us scratch our heads and wonder why we ever thought we were capable of molding and shaping and forming another human being into a productive adult and made it something we can all grin and giggle about.


I love these ladies (and not just because they've mentioned me on their site). I love them because they've taken our every thought and made it scientific and funny at the exact same time. I can go to them and know that I'll not only end up laughing, but I'll feel a helluva lot better about the best bad job I know how to do as a parent.

My hubby and I not in this gig alone.

We're in the same boat as every other parent ... good news is that our on-ship entertainment is funny as, well ... our irrational need to be away from our kids and have them within arms length at the exact same time.

Do yourself a favor--because you know you're getting a tin of dusting powder and another coffee mug for Christmas--give yourself this book. (Click either link to order.) Then lock yourself in the bathroom with your favorite drink and read the whole thing, cover to cover. You deserve it!


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