July 5, 2016

Sponsored: Wrapy

My friends at Wrapy asked if I were interested in trying out one of their awesome baby wraps. Since my baby is twelve years old and almost as tall as I am, I really didn't have a use for a baby wrap. But, my great friend, Emily, had just had her sweet baby. So, I told Wrapy to send one my way--Emily and her sweetness and I would give it a whirl.

Now, when my kids were little, I'm sure people were wrapping babies, but my kids were always so squirmy and didn't like being held a whole lot (unless they were going to sleep or just waking up), so I had no idea how this thing would work or even if the baby would like it.

Before we get to the nuts and bolts of it, let me just cut to the chase: Emily and her sweet baby loved it!

Prior to the Wrapy, Emily had a baby carrier that was cumbersome and had some use issues in that it wasn't user friendly at all. The idea of wearing her baby was appealing to Emily, especially with two little helpers who are on the go. (Aren't they cuties?!)

So, I met with Emily and we studied the Wrapy and after understanding the logistics, Emily put the Wrapy on and was wearing her baby in under a minute.

So easy! Everyone is happy with the wrappy and Emily feels like she can keep up with all three of her sweeties without anything slowing her down.

Plus, who wouldn't want to have a cute baby as the coolest accessory, no matter what season!

This product is ASTM F2907 certified.  It's an international safety standard used in the US for wraps, slings, pouches, carrier shirts and many hybrid carriers.

You can order it through Amazon, where the reviews confirm what Emily and I find to be true--it's a great product!


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